Can Therapy Help Me?

Whether you're looking for In-Person therapy in Central Texas of Virtual Therapy anywhere else in Texas, the whole process can feel a bit mysterious and maybe a little woo-woo.

At Rewiring Hope Therapy, I'm committed to evidenced-based, scientific theories for well-being that are easy to understand. Find out more in the information below and feel free to ask any questions you have about the process in a free 15 minute call or you can email me just to get something cleared up that you're curious about!

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Therapeutic Approaches

I believe that most therapeutic issues come down to relationships, which leads me to approach therapy from a systems perspective. Most of the things we do in life are because of chain reactions that have come before and lead to chain reactions that follow. If we can slow the reactions down and consider what they're coming from and whether or not we want to stay in them, we can more easily choose our future.

A lot of good can come from having a therapist who just listens and validates your lived experiences. For me, this is only the foundation that creates a safe place for you to begin to live into the life you want. I deeply value research, trainings and continuing education and I often bring something I'm learning to the table to help you also experience continual growth. Here are a few of the theories I operate from.

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